Generation Prosumer

Have you come across the term prosumer? Well, this is an amalgamation of producer and consumer; production and consumption, produce and consume. On the web these days (because of what became known as web 2.0 technology) anyone can create and add content. So many of us both produce and consume digital content, hence prosumer.   This is something which in education can... Continue Reading →


Content overload?

Note: this post was originally published here, in March 2016. I'm in the process of migrating from Blogger to WordPress. More writers. More content. I saw recently that the IH Journal has an article about becoming an ELT materials writer. This is now one of the 'done things' in ELT, isn't it? Now that the web is ready and willing... Continue Reading →

Is it time Blended Learning blended in?

It seems that discussion about the design of blended and online materials for language courses is becoming more mainstream, and for me it was an important part of IATEFL this year. Although for many business and higher education courses a blended element is often essential and has been for some time, my teaching background is... Continue Reading →

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