Efficiency isn’t everything

Technology can make tasks easier, but it doesn't make our lives easier or happier. In fact, it often makes things more complicated, less safe and more stressful.


Don’t do it yourself

Time is precious to freelancers. Admin is a pain in the arse. By this, I mean the admin that employees can often avoid, through having a specific department within a company to deal with things on their behalf. Most of us don't have the funds to use a virtual assistant, although I've been tempted. In... Continue Reading →

Digital Hygiene and Cognitive Health

In general, the concept of being more thoughtful about our use of digital tools is a good step, I think. It’s important that we all take time to evaluate our use of digital devices and applications and consider whether they are doing us harm or good; whether they are bringing the benefits that we think they are, or are actually causing us harm.

Friday Four #5

This week, I've been reading loads, as usual, but something that has stood out is the number of time-management related stuff I've come across. Very apt, as I'm trying to figure out my weekly schedules to accommodate setting up a new project, and find time to plan, research and write. As well as attempting to... Continue Reading →

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