Don’t fear the newsletters

...newsletters are curated by someone carefully so that they are offering a good experience. I follow these people because I trust that a lot of the time their newsletter will be interesting


The Friday Four #8

Struggling a bit this week, but as I've set myself a challenge to do this every week this year, I'll crack on. This week, amongst other things, I've been following a FutureLearn course on Cyber Security. It's great stuff and I've learned quite a lot. Also, I've appreciated the time and opportunity to reflect on... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #4

Picking this up again after a bit of a hiatus. Only managed 3 the first time! Let's see how it goes. A weekly wrap of some good stuff that's come under my radar this week. This week's Friday Four has a solid freelance focus... One No, we won't all be freelancers in the future of... Continue Reading →

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