Stress less: avoid a synchronous mess

well-organised asynchronous communication has benefits over synchronous communication


Is unlearning a problem with learning?

...when we think of learning we commonly associate this with adding more knowledge on top of that which we already possess, rather than dismantling preconceived ideas and replacing them with something new.

Thinking about your goals is not enough

I've had some time over the past couple of weeks to think about setting some specific goals for my professional and business development. This is something I generally see the potential benefits of, but which also gets my 'bullshitometer' whirring into life. Outside of the corporate matrix and away from line managers, is goal setting... Continue Reading →

The Friday Four #9

It's that time again! Have you got a Friday feeling? I always told myself that being a freelancer would mean I was flexible and wouldn't be a slave to the Monday – Friday grind. In the end, it seems that I not only am (usually), but it's probably a good thing. Routine is good. In... Continue Reading →

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