Malcolm’s Monkey

A manager who consistently offers to deal with things on behalf of employees will have very little time left. A manager should help employees deal with monkeys themselves. In doing so, the manager retains control of their own time. Gradually, the employees become more able to take responsibility and take care of monkeys on their own.


Thinking about your goals is not enough

I've had some time over the past couple of weeks to think about setting some specific goals for my professional and business development. This is something I generally see the potential benefits of, but which also gets my 'bullshitometer' whirring into life. Outside of the corporate matrix and away from line managers, is goal setting... Continue Reading →

Becoming Career Smart

I’ve just started a FutureLearn online course called ‘Becoming Career Smart’. In part, I’m doing this because I have just randomly stumbled across it online, it looks interesting, and because it started last week. But also because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m doing and what I should focus on in my... Continue Reading →

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