About me

Since 2002, when I kicked it all off with a CELTA course in Barcelona, I have been working in the field of English Language Teaching. I was a teacher of English, as well as working in management as an ADoS, DoS and Centre Director for just over ten years. This part of my career took me to Portugal, Poland, Portugal again, Kazakhstan and Spain.

Then I got a job in publishing, working as an editor at Cambridge University Press.

IMG_0041After three years in Cambridge, a combination of various things led me back to Spain, where I now work mainly as a freelance editor and editorial project manager. I also write materials, including teacher training content. In general, I mostly work as a project manager overseeing the development of the digital components of ELT course books.

I have long been interested in educational technology, professional networks and how use of the web relates to the field of education in general. I have an MA in Educational Technology and TESOL from the University of Manchester. My MA dissertation focused on teachers working in ELT using Twitter for professional development.

In terms of education, I am particularly interested in how teachers and students can make good use of technology – capturing or creating work digitally, then archiving, e.g. creating portfolios, and sharing.

As a freelancer, I’m always looking at how to get good at running a business. Time-management, productivity apps and methods, personal branding and how to best organise my own professional development.

I sometimes I write here on Medium instead of this blog.

And back when I was a teacher, I used to blog here: