No excuses

It’s really quite hard to keep a blog going. I have great respect for anyone who does and those who have been blogging regularly for years amaze me. I have had blogs for a number of years now, off and on. I have been, on balance, pretty unsuccessful at keeping them going! There are so many reasons for that, but mostly these things are easy enough to overcome (I think) with a bit of focus and planning.

I’ve been doing a bit of this recently. And I came across an interesting resource to help. More of that below.

I now have a list of things I could blog about and I’m trying to allocate an hour a week to post once a week. I’m going to try to focus on stuff related to being a freelancer really, as well as looking at lifelong learning, personal and professional development, learning in online networks and other related bits and bobs. These are all things that interest me.

There are various reasons I am making this effort, even though it’s a struggle to find the time.

Firstly, it’s because I really like writing. I like reading and researching and putting thoughts, feelings and opinions together and writing stuff down. I’d like to get better at it. You can only get better at something if you do it.

Secondly, I believe that the process of thinking out loud, particularly within a network (I do hope to actually have some readers and people who will occasionally comment!), can help create a learning experience. I’m very interested in the concept of heutagogy which you can find out more about here. I first read about this when studying on an MA course some years ago and it fascinated me immediately.


I find the idea of personally setting goals and organising oneself to learn about things a potentially powerful one. Also the idea that knowledge exists to be shared. If we accept that it is possible to learn pretty much anything, to a greater or lesser extent, from online information only, then it does call into question the traditional processes of learning in a pedagogical sense. So, if I can share information via a blog that helps me learn and by extension might in a small way help a community of like-minded and similarly employed people then that would be great.

Thirdly, I also believe that having an online presence on a personal site which goes some way to increasing people’s knowledge of your existence is probably of benefit to those of us who are essentially running our own businesses.

Essentially, I’m thinking out loud about stuff I learn, related to my professional life and interests, in order to give potential clients and collaborators a good idea of who I am, what I do and what I think!

I’m going to be using information from this excellent little ebook ‘ A No-Excuses Guide to Blogging’ by an interesting person called Sacha Chua. This has given me the requisite kick up the arse I needed to get on with blogging!

I’ve tried before and I’m trying again. This time I have NO EXCUSES! Constructive criticism and discussion very much accepted below the line.


P.S. I’m kind of hoping that there will be others out there who might join in with a bit of a blogging group, but I’m just going to get going anyway.


While writing this blog post I was listening to my ‘Focus’ playlist on Spotify.


  1. I’m glad you found that useful! Writing is such an excellent way to learn — and to keep what you’re learning. I find it useful to write even when I doubt myself. Maybe especially when I doubt myself, because writing makes me slow down and examine my thoughts, and other people might chime in with ideas and tips.

    Also, it turns out our kiddos are close in age. =) A- was born in Feb 2016, and man oh man does a kid make you learn a lot about life and everything. I find that keeping quick notes on my phone makes it easier to write, because I don’t have to worry about remembering interesting ideas. Sometimes I end up writing entirely on my phone while she naps, and sometimes I use some of my rare computer time to write with more structure. We all find ways.

    Looking forward to reading more from you!


    • Hi Sacha! Thanks for dropping by and finding the time to comment. Yes, it’s a bit of a challenge with a little one – in terms of life, time-management and energy! Where did you see that? Did I mention it in another post? Must have, I suppose.

      I have a long list of possible things to write about on an Evernote note – I love Evernote. I’m planning to try to expand on ideas when I can and then finish off and post something a couple of times a month. At least that’s my plan! I’ve also started writing a bit on Medium (there’s a link at the top), so I’ll do an occasional one there as well – nothing like a challenge!


  2. Hi Richard,

    I’m still new to blogging, but I currently see it, just as you said, as a way to think out loud about things. It’s like my OneNote, but open for others. I’m planning to do it even if no one starts reading.
    But I do hope it will help me to get more deeply into things and hopefully others thinking about similar things will join. When I say PKM, I suppose it rings a bell? 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for the ebook, looks helpful!


    • Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Since writing this I’ve found it a struggle to keep up with the blog. I hate making the excuse that I don’t have time, as I know the answer to that is to make time, I’m sure I could find 15 mins a day or so, but it isn’t easy!

      I’m currently doing the PKM workshop with Harold, just started last week. It’s something I’ve been paying attention to for years and I really wanted to get some insights from ‘the’ PKM man himself!


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